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— About Me

In business, in schools, in life…we win, when we connect.

Hello! I’m Julie Schniers, your guide to reinventing the way we interact with one another. From the lively buzz of classrooms to the strategic silences of boardrooms, and the familiar comforts of living rooms—my mission is to elevate every space by centering the human experience.

As a seasoned public speaker, coach, and consultant, I don’t just address audiences; I awaken possibilities. By infusing my work with the 3 C’s—Communication, Connection, and Confidence—I’m here to shepherd a transformative journey for you and your team. It’s more than a message; it’s a movement towards making people the beating heart of every environment.

Julie Schniers

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Pathways to Potential

Feel the shift as Julie helps you flip the focus to what truly matters, people.
Your journey towards a culture of engagement, empowerment,
and excellence begins here.


On the stage or virtually, Julie Schniers’ message will touch, inspire and teach your team meaningful and actionable
ways to show up better.

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1:1 coaching sessions highlight the amazing that already exists within and create opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and increase confidence.

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My goal is to motivate YOU, your team, your company, or your school to grow in new ways. Together we will shine a light on your team's strengths and find your untapped potential.

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Results I have helped create

Here's what my clients say about me.

Julie has spent her educational career pouring her life into those around her, and the results speak for themselves. She has crafted hundreds of people into worthy ambassadors for their school, their community, and their families. You can’t afford to miss out on Julie’s message. She’ll challenge you, push you, and inspire you to be your best.
Kevin McSpadden
High School Educator
Julie’s message was beyond what we expected and enjoyed by all. Our staff were mesmerized by her stories that made us laugh, cry and then laugh again. Julie reminded us in her message what it means to be part of a Company that cares about each other and the service we provide to our customers and patients. Thank you, Julie, for reminding us that it takes all our efforts every day to make it happen. You are a truly dynamic speaker.
Gary & Rachel Haun
Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center
This is the most relevant and important training a teacher could ever get. Taking care of hearts is our job, and Julie gave us concrete ways to do so.
Allyson Contreras
8th Grade Science Teacher
Working with Julie gave me the tools I needed to be successful and confident in my new position. Julie really took the time to get to know me and prepare each day to best fit my needs. Julie was a blessing in my life and a huge help in my success.
Keaghan Holt
Coaching Client
Julie is not simply a speaker; she is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. She is knowledgeable, engaging and relatable. Her content is well thought out and presented in a way that is easy to understand. When Julie is speaking it is not so much a presentation as it is a conversation. Her ability to reach her audience makes it feel as though she is speaking directly to you. That connection adds authenticity to her words. She supplies real world tools that are easy to implement. Her passion to make everyone she comes in contact with the best version of themselves they can be is contagious. You will leave inspired to make yourself and those around you better.
Wade Hawkins
Director of Leadership Hereford
Julie Schniers has the extraordinary ability to connect with people on a human level. she speaks not only with an all- engulfing passion, but with a sincerity that resonates with those she addresses and that is a remarkable gift.
Sonja Varbelow, PhD
Professor, Angelo State University
Julie is AMAZING! I took great notes and can’t wait to grow in ALL my relationships with family and work.
Brittany Reichenau
Gandy Ink CFO
Julie brings a great energy and authentic stories. The day with her was such and enjoyable and team building seminar.
Dulcey Russell
Shannon Medical Center Manager
I walked into our time with Julie with a ‘Oh great, another professional development day’ frame of mind. I didn’t know how a day with an outside person could change anything about the issues our school was struggling with. The way she worked on our personal growth as well as our team growth truly set us up for some really important conversations that we would have never had without that day with Julie. She guided us through difficult conversations and helped us create a school focus phrase for the year that made me feel like we had been heard. It made me feel like we were more a TEAM than ever before. It was a great day for our school district.
Larry Milner
High School Government Teacher
Julie made me write a personal goal then think differently and write a new one. She made me realize that I have some things I want to fix at home and at work.
Josh Tanner
West Texas Rehab Director
My daughter was struggling with confidence. After working with Julie I have watched her start to evolve, use the tools Julie gave her and be the leader we knew she could be. At home we have seen her more able to take on challenging situations, deal with stress as well as self-doubt, and volunteer to step into leadership roles more often. I can’t tell you how thankful my husband and I are that we hired Julie to coach our daughter.
Kelli Nevins
Coaching Client

— Let's hang out

Guess who has a podcast?

The People Priority podcast is for anyone looking for inspiration. If you value people and relationships, both personally and professionally this podcast is for you. Join me as I sit with people who understand the power of communication, connection and confidence. 

— Are we a good fit?

People are my speciality

I love working with all people but there are a few places where I really shine.

Over the last 16 years I have helped motivate, organize, and craft team cultures that provide an opportunity to thrive and shine.

Ready to start?

I can't wait to connect with you

Large Corporations
If you’re seeking a speaker and consultant to enhance your company’s culture, build your team’s morale, or help your leadership level-up, Julie is ready to help! She can guide your team through strategic planning, from long-term action plans for the entire organization to focused pillars within a department. She can help you align your team and navigate the kind of success you are looking for.
Julie is an accomplished keynote speaker who is passionate about people and creating meaningful connections. Her love for molding and moving an audience makes her the perfect choice for your next conference. She has spoken to a wide range of audiences and niches, and is well-equipped to empower leaders, build connections, and encourage confidence. Julie’s presentations are designed to inspire and motivate, leaving your audience feeling energized and ready to take on the world.
Universities & School Districts
Julie's roots in education are a driving force behind her work. Building student leaders and encouraging those who guide them is important work. Some of her very favorite places to share her message are at leadership retreats, team building workshops, and student summits. From football teams to the freshman class and every school professional development in-between, the wealth of experience Julie brings to the stage makes her the perfect fit to help equip your university or school district with tools and motivation that will help you achieve your goals.
Professional Groups
Julie loves helping organizations and individuals maximize their potential! From women's groups to accounting firms, from organization banquets to team building doesn't matter who you are or who you serve, Julie is ready to walk alongside your team. Making people the priority applies to almost every industry.

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