I will challenge your mind, touch your heart, and give you tools to make positive change happen because helping every member of every audience grow as a person for the people in their circle of influence is my goal.

— Who Am I?

I am a speaker, consultant, and coach for businesses and school districts that are eager to amplify their impact. My mission is to help organizations achieve their goals as a cohesive team, ramp up their success, and foster a culture where everyone can flourish. Whether it’s hospitals, fast-food joints, small educational institutions, or large corporations, there’s no industry I haven’t worked with. The common thread in all these places is the people – and they are my passion.

I hold a Master’s in Executive Coaching & Consulting, and my heart is set on aiding others in unlocking their full potential. For thirteen years, I was entrenched in the world of education, serving as a high school speech and debate coach, where I shaped young leaders into confident individuals ready to make a difference in the world. My approach to running a nationally recognized program was straightforward: I concentrated on fostering connections through effective communication, building relationships, goal-setting, and instilling confidence. And let me tell you, this approach was foolproof. It resonated with people from every background without fail.

In every space I speak and work, I continue to craft narratives just like the one from my team. Inspiring others to place people at the heart of their mission is what I love and where you will find your greatest potential. I firmly believe everything you need to conquer your goals is within you. Allow me the chance to ignite that belief in you and your team.

Julie Schniers

Years of

I knew Julie as a teacher at our local high school, so when I saw that she would be speaking at a professional training in her new capacity as speaker, I knew we were in for a treat. I knew we would be inspired - That is what Julie does. I knew we would learn something - Julie is an amazing teacher. I knew it would be time well-spent - Julie is an amazing person. What I was not expecting was for the entire room - several hundred people - to be captivated by everything Julie said. From the moment Julie got on stage, she had us all listening to every single word. Although we were all from different businesses and organizations throughout the community, her words could have been written for us individually, as her presentation literally spoke to all of us. We all left there ready to go out and change the world! (But that, I did expect; because that is what Julie does!) I highly recommend her as a speaker for any organization. I was so impressed with Julie after hearing her speak, that I reached out to her about professional coaching. I was so grateful that Julie was able to fit me in her schedule. Julie has helped me with personnel issues, brainstorming for events, helping me build my team into leaders while adding to my own leadership skills, and so much more. I know budgets can be tight, but I highly recommend making "professional coaching" a line item on your budget, and using Julie to help build your leadership team - The amount you'll spend in building your own leadership skills and skills of your team will come back to you many times in the growth you'll see!

Ami Mizell-Flint
Clubhouse Director

I am Texas girl through and through, a lover of a good Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper, and I'm happiest when I am helping others.

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