"One-on-one coaching is one of my very favorite things to do. The opportunity to help you become your best you is a job I take very seriously. I believe that everything you need is already sitting inside of you. My job is just to help you bring it out in ways that you can feel and others can see. We all need a little help sometimes…together, we’ve got this!"



“My daughter was struggling with confidence. After working through Julie’s 6-week program I have watched her start to evolve, use the tools Julie gave her and be the leader we knew she could be. At home we have seen her more able to take on challenging situations, deal with self-doubt and stress more gracefully, and volunteer to step into leadership roles more often. I can’t tell you how thankful my husband and I are that we found Julie to coach our daughter.” 

 - Kelli Nevins

“I would highly recommend Julie as a motivational coach and speaker. Julie made a meaningful impact on all of the Symphony Guild Ambassadors with her presentation of Putting Your Best Foot Forward. Each participant took away valuable lessons. As one of our 2021 Ambassador graduates stated, “Julie gave me the confidence to BELIEVE I could do it.”

– Slade Moffat, Director of Symphony Ambassador Programs

“Julie’s expertise and charisma are magnetic. She is poised, compelling, and unparalleled in her mastery of public speaking. She has succeeded at training high school students, adult learners, and educational professionals to better their understanding of the act of public speaking.”

- Colin Malinak, Texas Speech Communication Association Past President

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