"WHAT IF you just haven’t been getting the results you hoped for because your focus is backwards? WHAT IF you could make your audience WANT to learn, want to listen, want to contribute...just by shifting your focus? I want to change the way we approach everything! My goal is to motivate YOU, your team, your company, your school to grow in new ways. I want us all to look through the lens of building relationships to get results. I know that can be hard to do, but I can help! In a world where we can learn almost anything online, we have got to focus on connecting. It is time that we make these hard parts, our heart parts. Let me tell you how you can do that."



“This is the most relevant and important training a teacher could ever get. Taking care of hearts is our job, and Julie gave us concrete ways to do so.” - Allyson Contreras, 8th Grade Science Teacher

"Julie Schniers is the consultant you need to help professionals understand the impact that building relationships can have on individuals and their personal goal-setting as well as high productivity in the corporate world. Her magnetic personality and presentation skills are engaging and motivating. Her ability to motivate others enables them to discover their hidden talents and passion as she encourages them to reach personal goals they never dreamed possible. Her impact on individuals has been life- changing. She is a master at motivating others because she invests tremendous energy in building relationships. The impact of those efforts instills in people a confidence, inspiring them to set goals that were once unimaginable and to see it through to attain those goals. She has a passion for the positive – encouraging individuals to reach their greatest potential."

- Jana Riggins, UIL State Director

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