with Julie

What if  you just haven’t been getting the results you hoped for?

What if  your people want to learn, listen, and contribute?

I want to change the way we approach everything!

My goal is to motivate YOU, your team, your company, your school to grow in new ways. I want us all to look through the lens of building relationships to get results. I know that can be hard to do, but I can help! In a world where we can learn almost anything online, we have got to focus on connecting.

It is time that we make these hard parts, our heart parts.  


Custom Solutions Every organization has its own set of goals as well as strengths and weaknesses. There isn’t a cookie-cutter solution because there is not a standard problem. I will start with getting to know your organization, where your challenges are, what changes you want to make, and where you already shine. Creating an opportunity for open communication, impactful connection, and increased confidence amongst your team is my goal as we strategically find your focus and make a plan.


Package options may include:

Leadership & Organization Development

• 1:1 and small group coaching
• Customized Strategy Trainings
• Team Transformation Coaching
• Personal Assessment & Growth Tools
• 3-week to 1-year support package options

Team Building & Corporate Retreats

• Team Focus & Strategy Development
• Team Building Activities
• Culture Renewal Conversations
• Tailored Content
• 3 hours to 2 days of content package options

Each package will be tailored to your organization’s needs!

People Are Talking

I always deliver the best I've got

Julie has spent her educational career pouring her life into those around her, and the results speak for themselves. She has crafted hundreds of people into worthy ambassadors for their school, their community, and their families. You can’t afford to miss out on Julie’s message. She’ll challenge you, push you, and inspire you to be your best.
Kevin McSpadden
High School Educator
I walked into our time with Julie with a ‘Oh great, another professional development day’ frame of mind. I didn’t know how a day with an outside person could change anything about the issues our school was struggling with. The way she worked on our personal growth as well as our team growth truly set us up for some really important conversations that we would have never had without that day with Julie. She guided us through difficult conversations and helped us create a school focus phrase for the year that made me feel like we had been heard. It made me feel like we were more a TEAM than ever before. It was a great day for our school district.
Larry Milner,
High School Government Teacher
Julie is the consultant you need to help professionals understand the impact that building relationships can have on individuals and their personal goal-setting as well as high productivity. Her magnetic personality and presentation skills are engaging and motivating.
Jana Riggins
UIL State Director
This is the most relevant and important training a teacher could ever get. Taking care of hearts is our job, and Julie gave us concrete ways to do so.
Allyson Contreras
8th Grade Science Teacher
Julie brings a great energy and authentic stories. The day with her was such and enjoyable and team building seminar.
Dulcey Russell
Shannon Medical Center Manager
Julie was extremely engaging and brought relatable examples to make the content real. If you need to revamp your culture to connect more with your people, Julie would be a great asset to you.
Matt Kuwamoto
Engineering Manager – Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson
I love Julie’s high energy presentation style & her willingness to be real with all of us. I think today set the tone for the firm to engage in deeper conversations about our pillars and people. I feel like we can move forward and make the firm even better as a team.
Lisa Melton, Partner
ORW Accounting Firm

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