LEAN IN: The Leadership Mastery Mini-Course

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Course Overview

Course Overview

This transformative mini-course is derived from Julie’s most sought-after keynote, focusing on the LEAN IN strategies essential for impactful leadership. Designed to be universally applicable, it caters to individuals from all walks of life who aim to excel in their leadership roles. Packed with interactive exercises, insightful videos, and real-world applications, the course encourages a hands-on learning approach. Participants will explore how to prioritize people-first leadership, construct meaningful legacy statements, engage in profound self-reflection, and forge actionable plans for continuous improvement. By adopting the LEAN IN methodology, learners will not only elevate their leadership capabilities but also inspire and empower those they lead to achieve their full potential.

Course Duration:

8 Modules – Duration: 4 Weeks (Suggested pacing: 2 modules per week)

Delivery Method:

Self-paced video content with interactive assignments in every module.

Target Audience:

Professionals, educators, community leaders, and anyone interested in personal leadership development.

Module Breakdown

Module 1: Crafting Your Legacy Lens

Discover the power of legacy in leadership. Create a personalized legacy statement that reflects your core values and intentions as a leader, transcending beyond conventional success metrics.

  • Key Topics: Legacy Statement Creation, Intentional Leadership Practices, Values and Impact
  • Activities: Write Your Legacy Lens Statement, Vision Boarding

Module 2: Styling Your Self Talk

Dive into the art of positive internal dialogue and comprehend its influence on your leadership style. Transform your self-talk to align with your legacy lens, empowering your communication with others.

  • Key Topics: Internal Dialogue, Positive Affirmations, Self-awareness in Leadership
  • Activities: Intentional Reflecting, Self-Talk Journaling

Module 3: Navigating Non-Verbal Communication

Grasp the essence of non-verbal cues in conveying leadership presence. Unpack your non-verbal communication habits and learn techniques to ensure your body language aligns with your leadership message.

  • Key Topics: Body Language, Active Listening, Presence in Communication
  • Activities: Non-Verbal Communication Identification, Development Guidance

Module 4: Being Present: Be Where Your Feet Are

Learn to anchor yourself in the present moment to maximize your leadership effectiveness. Explore mindfulness techniques that promote clarity, decision-making, and presence in every leadership scenario.

  • Key Topics: Mindfulness, Focus, Present-Moment Engagement

Module 5: Connecting with Others

Construct a strategic plan to connect authentically with your team. Delve into relationship-building tactics that enable stronger, more meaningful interactions within your leadership sphere.

  • Key Topics: Relationship Building, Strategic Communication, Empathetic Leadership

Module 6: Showing Up as Your BEST Self

Embark on a journey to uncover and display your most confident self in leadership. Learn to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome by embracing action-oriented confidence-building techniques.

  • Key Topics: Self-Confidence, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Authenticity
  • Activities: Ideal Self Clarity, Confidence Boosting Actions

Module 7: Creating Confidence in Those You Lead

Enhance your ability to inspire confidence in your team. Develop a toolbox for nurturing strengths and recognizing potential in others to foster a culture of growth and confidence.

  • Key Topics: Team Empowerment, Strengths Identification, Motivational Leadership
  • Activities: Team Strength Assessment, Potential Recognition Exercises

Module 8: Building a Team You’re Proud Of

Capitalize on the course learnings by defining and shaping the culture of your team. Establish daily practices that reinforce the culture and values you desire, ensuring a lasting impact on your leadership legacy.

  • Key Topics: Culture Building, Team Dynamics, Daily Leadership Practice

Course Features

  • Expert-Led Instruction: Each module is led by an experienced leadership coach with real-world expertise.
  • Engaging Content: Dynamic mix of video lessons and hands on learning opportunities. 
  • Actionable Tools: Access to downloadable resources, templates, and tools for immediate application.
  • Certificate of Completion: Earn a certificate recognizing your commitment to leadership excellence.

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