It’s July…

July is a month that we try to be family focused on how we are scheduling time. The idea is that in July we will take time to breathe, rest, and feel connected to what matters most because life seems to be flying by more quickly every year.

It is also still a time that I am juggling work, with kids home, and trying to be extra present in soaking up those mom moments. The reality is that time to breathe starts to look like a family reunion here, the other side’s family get-away there, working while kids sleep, a quick trip to be present for important stuff here, showers, weddings, scheduled pool time with friends & kids, and cookouts sprinkled in-between that we scheduled in May because “in July we will have time.”

It is beautiful to think about or even read over all the fun things listed, but it can also feel like the opposite of “restful time to breathe.” If I am not careful, the packing, cooking, and cleaning (before and after every said event) can start to feel like I am just juggling MORE. Who can relate? Please tell me I am not alone.

As you read this, you have probably already noted that making time to breathe and rest looks different for all of us. What “time to connect” means might look different too. What I do with my daughter is different than what I do to connect with my son, and what I do with my mom looks different than what I do with my brother, and my idea of feeling connected may be different than every one of those people.

You know what else is also very different? My idea of packing for the family reunion and my grandma’s idea of packing for the same family reunion. Listen, she might be more prepared than me and packed up weeks before I even wash the load of clothes that the kids plan on bringing, but we will all make it there. How we all make it there and what we need to survive (or enjoy) that time at the lake is going to vary.

The key is in our personal focus. Not just how focused I am on our packing list, but how I let my focus create the narrative in my head. For the sake of the analogy…the way I am communicating with my head and heart about the packing list. This is your reminder (and my reminder too) to find the joy in dang packing or juggling. Breathe in the beautiful that even crazy brings and know that every season, connection, idea of rest, and packing list are unique… so let yours be yours.

Your focus or schedule doesn’t need to be the same as your neighbors. Also, perspective can go a long way. Juggling more but different things can be just as beautiful as juggling less if that’s the season you are in. Let the focus that steers you be a positive one.

So, cheers to embracing the juggle, pouring into your people, and diving into the deep end.

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