Believe it as you Brave it

In this episode, Julie reflects on the phrase “fake it until you make it” and shares her personal experiences of feeling like an imposter. Julie discusses how she used to believe in faking confidence and competence until she achieved success, but now realizes the negative impact it had on her mindset. Julie suggests shifting the mindset from “fake it until you make it” to “believe it as you brave it.” She breaks down the definitions of “fake” and “believe,” emphasizing the importance of holding a positive opinion of oneself and considering one’s abilities to be true and honest. Julie also explores the difference between the “until you” and “as you” mentalities, encouraging listeners to focus on the journey and find joy along the way. Lastly, she discusses the concept of “making it” versus “braving it,” highlighting the value of embracing challenges with courage and strength rather than striving for a specific end goal.

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