Communicating Through Conflict

In this episode, Julie speaks about how to navigate through conflict. Communication is essential for navigating through conflict and we must communicate well through conflict, as it is inevitable in our lives. Julie discusses the three pillars of communication – connection, communication, and confidence. She emphasizes that communication is not just what we say but also how we hear and listen. Listening actively is crucial in conflict resolution. Julie also talks about the impact of technology on communication skills, the link between high school experiences and adult communication skills, and the significance of tone in communication.​Communication is key in navigating through conflict, and Julie provides tips and insights on communicating effectively in conflict resolution. She emphasizes the importance of listening actively and understanding nonverbal cues, as well as the significance of tone and dressing for success. By assuming good intent and staying curious, we can effectively communicate and resolve conflicts. Remember, conflict is inevitable, but how we respond to it determines the quality of our lives.

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