Conflict Resolution with Jenn Whitmer

Jenn Whitmer joins the podcast to discuss conflict resolution and effective communication in the workplace. She emphasizes the importance of understanding conflict as the struggle that arises from limited resources and differing goals. Jenn shares her personal experience as a recovering conflict avoider and provides tips for navigating difficult conversations. She introduces a framework for conflict resolution, which includes forgiveness, reconciliation, rebuilding, and reinstatement. Jenn also highlights the significance of self-awareness and understanding one’s conflict resolution style based on the Enneagram personality framework.Jenn Whitmer is an expert on conflict resolution, communication, and leadership. She is an international keynote and TEDx speaker, as well as an Enneagram specialist. Jenn helps organizations improve their culture, retain employees, and increase efficiency through conflict resolution and effective communication.Connect with Jenn: jennwhitmer.comIG: @jenn_whitmer LinkedIn: Jenn Whitmer FB: @jennwhitmerspeaks Medium: Jenn Whitmer YouTube:

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