Listening Well with Olivia Atkin

Olivia Atkin is an entrepreneur, author, and business consultant with extensive experience in various industries, including professional sports, healthcare, supply chain, finance, and education. She founded Achieving Success, LLC, which encompasses multiple divisions, including her book “Achieving Success in Career Development,” her podcast “Achieving Success with Olivia Atkin,” and a coaching and speaking division. Olivia holds certifications in Society for Human Resource Management, CP Project Management, CAPM Association for Supply Chain Management, CPIM Green Belt Six Sigma Tableau, Analysis badge, and an advanced Google Analytics badge.

In this episode, Julie has a conversation with Olivia Atkin who emphasizes the importance of empathy and listening in effective communication and leadership. She highlights the value of silence, observing non-verbal cues in group settings, and asking the right questions to encourage open dialogue. Olivia also stresses the significance of understanding individual team members’ communication preferences and creating a safe and transparent environment. She encourages leaders to be accessible while setting boundaries and challenges them to be empathetic listeners before reacting.

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