Strategically Building Success with David Kitchen

In this episode, David Kitchen (Coach Kitch) shares his journey of translating his coaching experience with college athletes into helping business leaders. He emphasizes the importance of reverse engineering processes and systems to develop high-performing leaders. His curriculum focuses on the five C’s of leadership: character, creativity, communication, consistency, and commitment. He also highlights the significance of self-reflection, being clear about one’s vision, mission, and values, and being open to feedback. Coach Kitch encourages leaders to invest in relationships and prioritize self-care. He advises leaders to be who they needed and take big swings to reach their full potential.Coach Kitch is the Founder and President of Edge Leadership Academy. He is a former Division 1 Coach, and a PhD Candidate with a master’s degree in sport psychology, who has a decade of experience building leaders, culture, and mindset at the highest levels of sports and business. He is the author of The Pyramid: A System for Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, and The Scoreboard: A Self-Audit System to Help You Build the Life You Want. As a speaker, consultant, and coach, Coach Kitch is trusted by 100+ CEO’s, coaches, and high performers to help them lead and win in business, athletics, and life. Connect with Coach Kitch:WebsiteInstagramTwitterLinkedInFacebook

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