The Power of Positive Connections with Dominic Vogel

In this podcast episode, Julie interviews Dominic Vogel, founder and chief strategist at Cyber SC, who emphasizes investing in relationships and being kind to others. Dominic believes that by consistently showing up and investing in relationships, one can take them to the next level. He advises that consistency is key to building meaningful relationships and suggests approaching social media as a way to build relationships and uplift others, rather than just a sales tool.Dominic spends multiple hours a day investing in others and believes that the ROI of investing in relationships cannot be easily measured but is worth the time and effort. He is a self-professed positive troll who believes in uplifting others, especially in a society where positivity is in short supply. Dominic encourages companies to shift their mindset towards relationship building by focusing on minutiae, such as personalization in communication mechanisms like email, slack, or messaging tools.He believes that any communication mechanism can be transformed to transmit energy, kindness, and caring. The episode emphasizes the importance of investing in relationships and being kind to others, not just for personal gain, but for the greater good of building a positive and supportive community. Dominic also discusses the importance of challenging assumptions about oneself and exploring hidden dimensions to continually evolve and find new and better versions of oneself. Growth requires change and pain, but embracing change can lead to a better version of oneself. Dominic advises individuals to do an assumption audit about themselves every year and to visualize their future selves to ensure they are on the right path to fulfillment and happiness. Additionally, Dominic encourages individuals to be coachable and to have conversations with themselves or a coach to help them grow and unleash their inner awesome.Dominic provides high-energy coaching to tech professionals that are looking to unleash their inner AWESOMENESS and rocket power their life and career! Reach out to him via:LinkedIn dvogel@cyber.scTwitter: @domvogel

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