The Power of Relationships in Education with Dr. Stacey Gonzales

Dr. Stacey Gonzalez is an accomplished educator, innovative founder, seasoned coach, and sought-after consultant. With a background in English teaching and a doctorate in educational technology, Stacey is passionate about uncovering hidden talents in others and guiding them towards fulfilling their potential. She is the founder of Enlightened, a curated community of heart-led, self-aware leaders dedicated to solving the nation’s education crisis.Dr. Stacey Gonzalez joins the podcast to discuss her passion for education and her work in building exceptional cultures and education systems. She emphasizes the importance of supporting leaders in education and bridging the gap between the needs of leaders and the needs of students. Stacey shares her insights on leadership, the power of relationships, and the importance of leading oneself first. She challenges listeners to dig deeper and ask themselves why certain things are important to them.

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