Why The People Priority

In this episode, Julie kicks off the podcast by talking about the heart of every episode, which is people in every space should be the priority over our to-do list, and how you can flip your focus. Julie is a leadership growth coach, team culture consultant, and inspirational speaker. In this episode, she leans into growth opportunities every leader can learn from her 3 C’s – communication, connection, and confidence to ensure your people are feeling seen and valued…whoever your people are. Join her here every week for an incredible podcast line-up with topics and guests that will build up every leader. Julie’s hope is to help all kinds of leaders in every space from classrooms, to board rooms to living rooms to accomplish better outcomes and faster results by making people the priority.

Julie, a former teacher, left the classroom and coaching field after being encouraged by former students who had moved to the work force and were struggling with their leaders and team culture. Her Masters is in Executive Coaching and Consulting and her heart is in working building up teams in all kinds of organizations and school districts. The goal is to help create a team culture that people want to work together in.

Thanks for listening! For more information about Julie and how she can help you and your team flip your focus to making people the priority, visit her website: julieschniers.com

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