"Speaking to your group would be a gift. I love to mix my stories, with studies and tools to help you move forward in new ways! My motivational presentations will leave your audience with excitement and usable strategies. Whether your audience is education, business or leadership centered...the truth is we are all people who deal with people. Every one of my emotional intelligence centered programs links to exactly that…people. Drop me a message so we can talk about how I can serve your team with my message!"



“Julie speaks from her heart; she connects with people. She inspires everyone she meets to defy mediocrity and strive to produce at their highest potential. She looks beyond a person's actions and finds his or her wings. Julie's authentic message captivates audiences. She doesn't talk AT her audience, she talks TO them and is able to inspire the most reluctant team member to step up to the plate and hit a home run. Julie is fierce!"

- Renee Buchanan, DFW Real Estate Agent

“This is my first year to teach. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I have also been trying to come up with ways to build relationships with students. I have a few ideas but Mrs. Schniers inspiring talk gave me even better ones. It solidified the ‘why’ of my choice to become a teacher.” 

- Sadie Wheeler, teacher

“Julie Schniers has the extraordinary ability to connect with people on a human level. When it comes to education in general and students in particular, she speaks not only with an all- engulfing passion, but with a sincerity that resonates with those she addresses and that is a remarkable gift.”

- Sonja Varbelow, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education at Angelo State University

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